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Give me more. Let's do what has not been done

While studying industrial design Niels discovered his fascination for
moving pictures.
As a student he could go to the local cinema twice a week and so he did.
All the classics became part of his vocabulary in this period.
Still after three years he started as a student commercial photography at
the Royal Academy in The Hague.
But the moving images with its extra time dimension kept pulling.
After finishing the academy, he started working in the lighting
departement, soon becoming a gaffer.
While working on Dutch and international commercials in the lighting
departement, he started to shoot very different projects, like punk music
videos, ballet and tv idents.
Now Niels is shooting and directing commercials, mixed with art projects,
charity jobs, shorts and music videos.
The drive is to tell the story in strong images, whether it is for stunting
action films, subtle soft emotions or mouthwatering food.
Goal in his work is bringing new techniques to the image and
to go new directions in telling a story.
Work has been featured on Shots, BestAdsOnTV and Lürzers Archive.

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